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Photo Favors

Our photo favor stations are services that your guests will be talking about all the way home from your special event. It's our way of letting you say "Thank You!" to your guests in a very personal way by providing them with a gift that will be cherished forever - an instant photographic memory of them sharing the joy and excitement of your special day. We'll take digital photos of your guests throughout your event and have them printed and framed before you and your guests go home. There are plenty of packages to choose from, each with their own set of unique frames and novelty items. Guests can choose from tons of different cardboard frames, photo clips, key chains, magnetic photo frames, decorative frames, glass frames, as well as many other unique fun frames. You even get a master CD-ROM with all the pictures that were taken at your event, FREE of charge!!!

Photo Favors
Guests are invited to choose from a wide assortment of frames to take with them as a party photo favor. Choose from Cardboard Frames, Furry Frames, Glass Frames, Key Chains, Magnets, Wood Frames, Photo Clips, Compact Mirrors, and lots of others.

Photo Phone Cases
Make your own phone covers at your event. Simply have your picture taken and within minutes your guests are ready to take their own customized phone covers homes as party favors. Choose from iphone 4, iphone 5, iPod, and Galaxy S. One of the newest and most popular party favor items available today. This will make your event a big hit, GUARANTEED!!!

Candy Boxes
Candy Boxes

Candy Box Pix
Have your guests superimposed onto real candy boxes. They make for a delicious photo favor. Choose from some of the most popular candies.

Green Screen Photos
We provide event photo favors services, where your guests are photographed on a green-screen and superimposed into hundreds of digital backgrounds: magazine covers, nature shots, movie posters, travel destinations, beautiful scenaries and many more.

Andy Warhol Photos
Your Photo instantly transformed into Andy Warhol Style with 6 panels.

Flip Books
A short video of your guests turned into a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate.

Photo Dog Tags
Photo Dog Tags
Photo Dog Tags
Photos of your guests will be transferred onto Dog Tags using our Sublimix Technology. You can also add on Luggage Tags, Coffee Mugs, Coasters, Door Knobs, and other unique items to your package.